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DTrace tricks and tips (8) –如何列出一个provider所有的probe

通常使用“dtrace -l”命令会列出所有的probe。如果只想列举某一个provider所有的probe,可以使用“dtrace -P provider -l”(注意P是大写字母)。举个例子,如果想列出“io”provider的所有probe:

bash-3.2# dtrace -P io -l
   ID   PROVIDER            MODULE                          FUNCTION NAME
 1274         io           genunix                           biodone done
 1275         io           genunix                           biowait wait-done
 1276         io           genunix                           biowait wait-start
 1287         io           genunix                    default_physio start
 1288         io           genunix                     bdev_strategy start
 1289         io           genunix                           aphysio start
 2939         io               nfs                          nfs4_bio done
 2940         io               nfs                          nfs3_bio done
 2941         io               nfs                           nfs_bio done
 2942         io               nfs                          nfs4_bio start
 2943         io               nfs                          nfs3_bio start
 2944         io               nfs                           nfs_bio start

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